about MMe

....Mariken, born 1974 in Nijmegen, raised in Brabant, studied in Enschede, coming home in Amsterdam.

Since my graduation in 1997, I joined 4 companies, all totally different. Then in 2008, after working in fashion industry for 10 years, I was looking for the next job that appeals to my various skills, aims for a clear goal and keeps me growing... at that point I realized that I'd become the perfect match to interim jobs!

Experience tells me that newness always brings out the best in me; that's where my curiousity and analytical approach come together, and easily adopt a new situation/process. My flexible personality and open mind helps me to fit in, while being solution driven and creative at the same time. This mix brings me synergy!

As my resume shows, my working experience includes both wholesale and retail companies, at various consumer levels. I've been processing men, women and kids apparel (woven and knit), plus accessories and licensedgoods (like stationery and cosmetics). Hence I donot limit myself to apparel only, and believe my skills apply to many other products/projects.

Besides the above, I'd like to share my experience as volunteer coach at "De Kindertelefoon" for 9 years [Dutch helpline for kids till age 18]. This experience still adds refreshing perspective to my life and work; it brought me balance, wisdom & inspiration. Plus, the solution driven strategy and communication skills they teached me there, can be applied everywhere I go ....!

P.S. I'm living in Amsterdam, free as a bird, enjoy travelling and wish to continue that...